Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Line and pigment

I've been enjoying a luxurious lull between projects this past week. I worked on a pair of pastels to add to the Gem Gallery's first group show. I love working with pure pigment. It's direct, a bit dusty, but seems to capture what I love about that luminous moment at twilight when the sky is reflected in the undulating paths of lowtide.

And I am swooning over all the tree blossoms! This pastel captures one of my favorite spots that overlooks Trefethen Beach.

After blowing the pastel dust off the drawing table, I snatched up my sketchbook to join the life drawing group on Friday morning. This group has ebbed and flowed over the years, with various artists drifting in and out. Jane Banquer remains the
organizing force, scheduling models and locations. Currently we meet in the home of Anne Whitman, whose house faces Portland Harbor. The view is panoramic, the atmosphere quite concentrated, as each of us scratches away at our markmaking.
I hadn't been in awhile, maybe a couple of months, so I always feel stiff for the first few poses.

The model has an intensity in his face that I needed to capture.

Invariably, as the poses get longer, the model gets more supine.

I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to draw with respected peers, in a home setting, with models we know as neighbors. It's a humbling practice, as any lapse reminds me of my flabby lines.
Draw more, not less!!!

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Julie said...

I recognize that spot with the flowering tree. Beautiful pastels.