Saturday, August 30, 2008

My turn

After a summer's worth of changing shows at the Gem Gallery, now it's my turn. And I'm worn out!.... as are many of the loyal gallery supporters, not to mention the artists. During the most gorgeous part of August, I was inside breathing pastel dust. And loving it, in fact. Here is one piece I titled Chon Ye's Garden.

It's a view from the kitchen side of the Cockeyed Gull, owned by Chon Ye. It struck me on my way downfront one day that I've always loved that building, an old creaky thing used by Maine Island Kayak, and the sunflowers were so proud, too. Had to draw them. That's what I put in the show, documented moments and places I inhabit.

I'm in the gallery this week at the invitation of good friend, Peg Astarita, who has invited her crowd from Portland Pottery as well.  John Morrill Read took this photo of Peg, Jessica, and Carlo during the set up.

John does these amazing turtles that simply fly off the walls.

The opening proved to be quite fun. All my favorite people came, and more.

John caught the crowd and steamy air in these photos.

This wall of my pastels could use some better lighting, yes?

This piece, Evergreen Evening, was Kirsten Cappy's favorite.

The Gem is essentially two small rooms, partitioned from a house. The back gallery is reserved for the weekly shows of members of the island collective, while the front gallery is a display for all members, all summer. So things change all the time, like the tides, of course. 

Here's a lovely corner that spotlights a yellow painting by Diane Wiencke, complete with a little found vertebrae, and glassware by Connor Flynn, high schooler, and ceramics by Pam and Rick Boyd (vase on pedestal) and Peg Astarita (little black urn with lid.)

Yesterday I gallery sat with Wild Thing pal, Kathie Schneider. My pastel, Great Diamond Dusk, hangs over her photo in the front gallery.

While we gabbed, folks came and went, admiring and sometimes, buying. These tiles by Liz Sherman are my favorites, raku with delicate crackles and spare silhouettes, so quiet yet so bold in their simplicity.

Now that the show is up and my gallery duties are met, I can turn to fall and starting the semester at Maine College of Art.
Summer is swell, but autumn is my season. This piece, Bittersweet Season, shows those warm colors and tangled vines of the backshore, when all the visitors have gone, along with the leaves. Divine.

Come visit the Gem while it's hot: from 2 - 7 PM through September 2. Any questions? Call 207-766-5600.

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