Sunday, April 12, 2009

some bunny loves you

I spent an evening this past week making a card for Nana, alongside my daughter. Card making is a regular side-business around here. We are a family of corresponders, believers in birthdays and holidays, and snail mail stamped with love. I made the above collage with some imagery from the forthcoming Nest, Nook, and Cranny by Susan Blackaby. Did my research on jackrabbits, thank you very much. And just added some embellishments from my ever lovin' stash of paper patterns, along with some choice rubber stamping. But in a matter of moments, I was OUTDONE by my daughter, who has become adept at the Wacom.

Seriously, is this not WAAAAAY cuter? Than mine? You can be honest.

We have a tradition of coloring eggs the day before Easter. So big bunnies must demonstrate technique, even for mice.

These go in the refrigerator at night, but mysteriously are hidden around the house in the morning.

Not too hidden, since everyone is in pajamas and eager for breakfast.

Once all the eggs are found, it's on to the candy. Later in the day, we had brunch and an outdoor egg hunt at a friend's house on the island. Even though the sun was out, it never got above 40 degrees here today. While the hunters were sequestered inside, the adults hid eggs in visible but camouflaged spots.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Calling all chocolate chickadees!

Birches offer so many curly crannies.

I found this rusty relic from another era.

This was the most inspired placement.

All this activity gave us a wicked appetite. What else? Deviled eggs!

Here's to the season of Peeps: honor all that's sweet in your life.


M.A. said...

Okay - I love the way Daisy had the tree stump as the learning table - nice detail. And yeah, her's might be just a little cuter or maybe just funnier. M.A.

kt_kthx said...

Cute cards! I am a fan of snail mail also. Those are some pretty eggs! I got to decorate some the other day with a bunch of guy friends, and you can only imagine what they drew all over them. Boys will be boys!

Patricia Erikson said...

Nice photos! It helped me relieve the day. May I have digital files? I can envision my scrapbook page now!

Julie said...

Love the egg in the spout!