Friday, May 8, 2009

mum's the word

"Compassion for our parents is the true sign of maturity" said Anais Nin.

I've been learning this a lot lately. My mum has been through some scary emergencies this year, and that she's here for another Mother's Day is nothing short of a miracle.

I found some old pix from my first photo album, apparently the result of getting my first camera for Christmas in 1969. With one of these, I've made this card for my mum, in recognition of her style. I had a notion that my sense of style was all mine, but when I came across a picture of my mother in a polka dot scarf and bright red lipstick, it sinks in that she had it long before I knew what it was.

Here's to all mothers, who pass on more than they know and children rarely recognize.

Happy Mother's Day!


kt_kthx said...

Aww how sweet! Haven't heard from you in a while Jamie. I'm excited for next semester!

kt_kthx said...

Indeed I will. Summer is surprisingly overwhelming so far!