Tuesday, July 28, 2009

news splash

You've heard that, right, that no man is an island? It's pretty cool that being three miles out to sea (give or take several strokes, if you are swimming the Peaks to Portland Race) doesn't necessarily put me off the map. I've hit the online trifecta with recent blogposts that feature my work.

Three cheers and a splash for my mermaid cohort, Judith Hunt, in the Maine Illustrators Collective for posting bios of all those featured in the current show at the Kennebunk Free Library.

Hooray to Liz Yanoff of the New York Reading Association Youth Book Blog.
I was interviewed as a nominee in the Charlotte Awards, for Rickshaw Girl. Kids get to ask questions online of authors and illustrators and it's always fun to share the backstory.

And then, bravo to my alter ego, the divine Jami G at the iSpot. Quick as a bunny, there appeared some of my recent references for my job for Cricket Magazine.

Jumping into the pool of connections online, I have time to draw dreamily, and swish my
scaly tail.


1 comment:

Judith Hunt said...

Nice work for Cricket using your so willing models, the lines on their forms and faces are so natural and graceful.
Let's do all do a mermaid exhibit somewhere! That would be fun!