Friday, August 21, 2009

my mermaid month

Yay, it's my mermaid month! I was chosen by NPR last year to illustrate a page in their 2009 calendar and finally my month has arrived. Yeah, August is almost over already. Though the summer has been steamy and swift, I relish this month of mermaid friends. NPR asked illustrators to convey their listening experience and even wanted us to write about the inspiration for our illustration.

Here's mine:

All Songs Considered, literally and metaphorically.....Living on an island brings me into direct contact with the ocean, but only skimming the surface. While listening to a book review about biodiversity, I found myself drawn underwater, hearing those songs we know nothing about. An NPR emergency radio floats by, knocked overboard from a passing motorboat. NPR creates waves of curiosity so we can find meaning in our connections as species.

I was just listening to my station, 90.1 FM, yesterday and caught this quote from a poem being read, "God is poured in waves through all things..."

Is it any wonder I have mermaids on my mind? I'm not alone. Found this creation on the beach the other day.

And I just illustrated a mermaid on the phone for next year's island directory.

August has been an auspicious month. Besides co-chairing and participating in the Art on the Porch at the Fifth Maine, and launching my first picture book, I was in a recent one-night salon show at Marsha Greenberg's house. Marsha, my neighbor, is on the board of the Maine Women's Fund and hosted a fund-raiser with works by Peaks Island women artists.

I was thrilled to be in the stellar company of Jane Banquer (now showing at the Gem Gallery), Carol Cartier, Jessica George, Nancy Gibson Nash, Claudia Whitman, and Diane Wiencke.

Here is the lovely crowd at Marsha's, with my surfer goddess piece in the background.

This piece was inspired by all the Bangla reference I did for Rickshaw Girl, but with a dynamic twist. If I'm not dreaming about being a mermaid, I'm wishing I was a surfer goddess. Happily, it drew a buyer who had an immediate response to it.

So before the summer is over, and while the waves in Maine are still chillin', go immerse art, dreams, and inspirations.

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Kirby Larson said...


The NPR calendar!! OMG. That is so fabulous.

And you can write, too.

You'd make Esther Williams proud.