Friday, October 2, 2009

swing tour

Trees are good for many things
but most of all
the magic of swings

In this scene from Seven Days of Daisy the girl is going full-tilt. There's a thrill from a tree swing that doesn't happen on the average playground. Looping in circles! Wheeeee! The daring dangers of crashing into bark! Arrrrghhhhh!

I had plenty of fun moments to choose from when structuring my story around the highs and lulls of an island week. But I certainly could not leave out swinging, one of the biggest bangs for any buck spent on toys EVER. The little round pink and purple number shown above was handmade, and tied with blue rope. It lasted for countless hours of glee until just recently splitting apart, thanks to a wet summer.

For awhile, we had to roam for swinging play. There's always the schoolyard.

This one's a bit off the beaten track, but still good.

But this tree is the mother of swing trees, known affectionately on Peaks as the winnie-the-pooh tree.

It sports about 4 different swings, including a tire. Recently, we found a notebook tied to the tree. It was left by the family who owns the property and whose daughter was getting married. The tree and its swings meant a lot to them; they wanted anyone who stopped by to sign the book as a momento for her wedding day. Man, what a romantic concept! It was chock full of signatures and good wishes, many from islanders who had watched this girl grow up, always smiling.

Happily, we've crafted a new swing, painted by Daisy from leftover house trim.

A good swing can lighten the soul. Try it!

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