Wednesday, November 4, 2009

here a show

there a show, everywhere a show show.....

I finally finished my Alice for the upcoming Maine Illustrators Collective show at the Freeport Library. The group dreamed up this idea in visibility back in August: re-imagining the classics. I knew immediately that I wanted to do my own Alice version. Coming on the heels of another project involving cards, I managed to work them in again, along with a huge mushroom, perhaps because another classic, The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet by Eleanor Cameron, is in the house. Even though our daughter is 12, reading plenty on her own, we haven't let go the nightly ritual of reading aloud. The Mushroom Planet series, from the 50's, were favorites of Marty's.

This Alice is equal parts our daughter (who gladly posed), references to illustrations by Arthur Rackham, and MECA grad, Dani Evans, whose signature blue-streaked hair and hot cross bunnies are part of our world.

I'm excited to be in the company of fellow MEIC members, who enjoyed a nifty link on the ispot.

The show will be on view during the month of November and the opening reception is this Saturday from noon to 3 PM. Meet the artists, as well as the intrepid librarians who are thrilled to have books and art celebrated in their midst.

I realized I've used cards as collage elements several times. Hmmm, recurring motifs.

This was a very early promo card, done with charcoal and gouache way back when I thought I would be a fashion illustrator.

I used cards again in a valentine postcard, featuring our babysitter at the time, Marieke, who posed with our toy accordion just for fun.

Collage went from being a bit player in my work to whole hog during the 90's. For nearly a decade I worked completely in photo collage, cutting and pasting actual color copies before Photoshop became mainstream.

When esteemed colleague, Alex Rheault, put out a call for illustration for the upcoming Empty the Fridge, I pulled from a stash of collages in my flatfiles.

This one was done after seeing Blue Velvet, that creepy classic film by David Lynch, and later ran in San Francisco Focus Magazine.

The opening for Empty the Fridge is this Friday, 5 - 9 PM at Art House. There will be
lots to look at, and people to meet. Come on over!

Here's another collage submitted for the show, A Good Catch, which ran in Men's Journal. I think: it was awhile ago.

Can you believe a men's magazine article about picking the right diamond?

Although I returned to drawing after moving to Maine, my cache of photo collages represent a formative chapter in my evolving career. Any chance to throw in a real element is part of my deck of tricks.


J.Shea said...

Love the Alice piece! I'm such a huge Alice in Wonderland geek, haha.

Glad to see we'll be showing together at Empty the Fridge! Unfortunately I won't be able to make the opening reception :( Have a good time though!

Anonymous said...

Loved your thread of work centering around cards; fascinating the things that come forth through one's art.


lobotomybunny said...

Oh Jamie you totally rock my socks.

kt_kthx said...

Alice will always and forever be an illustration favorite. I think I spied your collage with the image of a stack of money at the Empty the Fridge show. Was that the one you told us about in class?

jamie peeps said...

yeah, all those works are from the photo collage editorial days when money was the big metaphor for everything

Curious City said...

Ah Alice! Love your illustration of errant Alice and the looming mushroom. I loved JOURNEY TO THE MUSHROOM PLANET as a wee one. Must find it again.

What a great, great idea for a show.