Friday, May 14, 2010

culminating events

With the heady fragrance of lilacs in the air, the season of fruition is upon us. Everywhere, there are culminating events. I've been to several recently. Recognition is a wonderful thing, after lots of hard work.

At King Middle School, the Windsor 7 class made a powerful presentation on their expedition called Small Acts of Courage. They interviewed local citizens on their personal involvement in the Civil Rights era.

Each student delivered one piece of an amazing story about the struggle for equality with tremendous poise and clarity. Besides transcribing oral history, writing many, many drafts, and speaking publicly, students also worked in pairs on a collage poster. Gotta love that visual arts engagement! Here is the collaboration by Daisy and Dustin:

Across town by only a matter of blocks, Maine College of Art showed off the parting works by the class of 2010.

Here, Katie Long exhibits some senior projects during the recent First Friday show.

Down the hall, fellow ninja Stephan Mallette exhibited an animation project alongside this graphic mural.

I had the privilege of sharing a classroom with both of these graduating illustration majors. Shine on, Katie and Stephan!

Meanwhile, back on Peaks Island, Fran Houston celebrated the publication of her book,"For the Love of Peaks."

Marty did the layout and design for this wonderful collection of stories by lovies: those elders on the island who can tell it like it was. Fran will launch the book with an upcoming exhibit at Addison Woolley Gallery on June 12.

The beloved Doug MacVane, pictured above, makes an appearance in the picture book I have been working on for months. He's an islander gone but always fondly remembered for his stewardship of Peaks Island. I passed him many times on the beach, walking with his wooden staff, and a broad smile.

Here I am starting the illustration under the lens of Peter Ralston. Talk about pressure.

That was awhile ago, when I was about halfway through the project. Soon, soon...I can blab about the culmination of that. And the feeling of utter relief and accomplishment on the sustaining of vision over a long haul.

Deep exhale,everybody...Congratulations on the pursuit of your goals!

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