Thursday, June 17, 2010

pools and schools

School's out! Whoooohooooo! Now's the time to play in tide pools. This is my page for the Peaks Island Childrens' Workshop's 2010 Coloring Book, which will raise funds for it's fantastic program, where children play and learn to be stewards of nature. Like reaching into the shallow waters of a tide pool and finding their imaginations run deep. Cupping a hermit crab in their hand, but returning it gently to its habitat.

Of course, in my view, there's a mermaid sporting an anemone head dress...

Just before school got out, Marty and I took a short blast to the Atrium Art Gallery
at USM's Lewiston-Auburn College to see an exhibit, "Vernal Pools."

First, there was lunch at the Chick-a-Dee.

The gallery is lovely, and the show engaged all the senses, from poetry to sculpture, prints, books, to audible frog peeps.

Love this fairy shrimp sculpture by Tom Berger.

And here's a lively book by the esteemed Rebecca Goodale:

Having art as a destination for a motorcycle ride makes my day. And meeting a few beasts is always fun, too.

I went straight home and dove into the pastels. Made this for the Gem Gallery's June group show.
I'm always struck by the reflections of pools, no matter where they are.

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