Monday, September 13, 2010

ice harbor news

I met the author of Ice Harbor Mittens, Robin Hansen, for the first time on Friday when we drove together to Down East publishing in Rockport. We headed for a meeting with the publisher and sales folks to discuss publicity for our book. And here it is!  On the backseat in Robin's car, strewn with her signature mittens...

I used my island neighbors as models, and am hoping to make an island tour of Casco Bay libraries.

This is Finn, who becomes Josie in the book, an 11 year-old who wants to be a sternman on his cousin's lobster boat.

I staged my reference photos back in February, with mittens sent by Robin. Now that the weather has cooled, I can recall how chilly it really was. It was relevant immersion to walk the dog on a frosty morning and then return to my studio to make winter scenes.

Here's a scene in the book:

Editor Michael Steere took this shot of us in front of Down East's headquarters.

I'm excited we'll be seeing each other soon, plugging our book and exchanging views on coastal community life from Bath to Peaks!


Hugh D'Andrade said...

Wow, this looks great! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Keep up the good work!


jennifer hazard said...

Thanks for sharing your references, Jamie. The illustrations in the book are just beautiful.