Monday, March 21, 2011

forces of nature

The tsunami in Japan and it's aftermath remain unfathomable. I walk around my little island and say prayers to the trees, for recovery, for renewal. The sump pump burbles incessantly in the basement, as the snow melt runs down to the sea.

I'm happy to have more studio time, for illustrations for a book project. This week, oddly, everything was under water.  First, a spread about coral. This is a detail.

Next, four species of fish, affected by warmer temps: trout, salmon, bass, and carp. This is a detail of the bass and carp, plus their tags for labeling.

Then I drew a loggerhead turtle, who is laying eggs that may be washed away by rising sea levels.

Over the weekend, the sun came out. Finally! A walk in the woods always brings a new perspective.
Spotted this fallen birch covered with scalloped lichen.

Returning to my studio, I drew a marmot, coming out of hibernation high in the mountains.
Groundhog day? This is a detail of a two page spread.

By Saturday evening, I was ready for a little lunacy. Headed backshore for the advertised "super moon." As a regular contributor to the Lunar Calendar for over 20 years, I generally don't miss a full moonrise on the back shore. They are a cosmic sight to behold. Thanks to my calendar, which lists the moon rise and set times for every day of 13 lunar cycles, I know when to show up. You don't want to miss the moment it emerges from the ocean's horizon, as hot as a neon sign.

It was a brisk and blustery moment, one shared with a community of lunatics. It gets us roused for the next round of reality.

On Sunday, it was time to stand an egg on end, a feat of the spring equinox. Just before 7:30 PM, we tried balancing an egg on it's end. It worked with one, but only momentarily with another.
Something about equilibrium, balance, and natural mysteries.

Even though snow was in the forecast today, I was buoyed by spring. Drew another piece for the book project, an arctic fox. Something sinister looms in the air, but animals adapt. We hope.

Tomorrow I'll be back in the Hive at MECA

My show of pastels from Ice Harbor Mittens comes down at Knit Wit this Thursday. Hope you saw it!

 The pink in the shop goes lovely with my work, if I do say so myself.


Kara Schaff Dean said...

I love the groundhog!

Suz B said...

Perfect groundhog, Jamie! And the Peaks Island moonrise over the ocean is brilliant to behold. Truly.
Happy April to all! No foolin!