Monday, December 12, 2011


Just as the semester at Maine College of Art wraps up, a new year begins in our house. My baby peep can't possibly be FIFTEEN already?!! Birthdays here always begin with cake for breakfast, followed by handmade cards and a cute pile of gifts. Above is my collage card for the birthday girl.

Here is Daddy's:

The owl theme is due to our visit to Maine Audubon later that afternoon, for a fascinating presentation by Mark Wilson of Eyes on Owls.

He began with a slide show of his amazing photographs, talking about owls and their habitats and where he and his wife find them.

One by one, six owls were brought from their bird boxes. Smallest first, the Northern Saw Whet, so petite and cute.  He had a little monkey face!

Next was the Eastern Screech, a lovely rust color, and so calm.

If you're a fan of screeches, check out Screech Owl Designs.

The Spectacle owl looks studious, and with such graphic style.

Here the birthday girl tests out her new camera.

Mark's presentation was not only informative, but highly entertaining. He brought up kids to try imitating the hoot of each owl as it was introduced.

Here is the Barred Owl, who has the most dignified blink.

The Great Horned Owl demands your total attention and will win any stare down.

I recently borrowed a taxidermy horned owl from the Maine Audubon's collection for drawing.
My quick sketch doesn't do the bird justice.

The last owl to be presented, a Eurasian Eagle owl, was mesmerizing.

To be eye to eye with these noble birds was hypnotic. Thanks to Maine Audubon and Mark Wilson,
we ferried back to Peaks Island under a full moon, awestruck.

Time to party and make wishes!

The clear cold night called for celebration on the back shore.

Singing around a fire was a toasty finale. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

For me, back to the studio. I finally started final art for Here Comes the Humpbacks!

It helps my drawing to wear my new whale shirt, bought at the MECA Holiday Sale from former student Colleen Foley, of Second Bay Studio.

From owls to whales, nature blesses my day.

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oh how lovely. baby peeps herself too! moon and cake and all is wow owl. now, how did those owls get themselves