Wednesday, July 4, 2012

summer bookies

 Happy 4th y'all! I'll sneak in a post here, as we head outta Dodge tomorrow.

I had the honor of visiting the Stewart Free Library in sweet Corinna, Maine last week. Past miles of hills and strawberry patches, I came to this venerable building from another era.

Warmly welcomed by the Summer Reading program, I shared Seven Days of Daisy. A cute crowd of volunteers helped work the days of the week:

This looks like it would make a very interesting story, "Seven Days of Summer" by Autumn:

Librarian Director, Donna Lambert, shared her cool book of seven days, crafted from a lunch bag, ribbon, and collage. Bravo!

I learned a bit about the history of the library, and it's founder, Levi Stewart, pictured below.

It's always a pleasure to discover a library proud of it's heritage. Love the little penny farthing.

This was a rare item: a decorative design made from human hair. Those Victorians, ever crafty.

Thanks, Corinna, for sharing your love of books!

Summer's in full swing, but the urge to make books doesn't go away.  Dear friends, Mary Anne Lloyd and her daughter, Eda, ventured to Peaks Island to make blank sketchbooks this week.

After a picnic on the rocks, we got out supplies and made these, gamely employing some Richard Scarry scraps for good humor.

Now to fill them with drawings, collages, maybe paper souvenirs from our summer travels. We're off to Minneapolis tomorrow for the wedding of our niece, Kirsten Holscher.

Stay cool!

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