Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Peaks Island style

I've been getting into an eery mood watching my middle school crush. Sketched this from an episode of The Best of Dark Shadows. Despite the vintage production values, the show remains creepy as ever.

Only two pumpkins survived the warm, wet weather in order to be carved.

Our trick or treater scopes out the moonrise before setting out.

We stopped in at the Gem Gallery early on.

It's a tradition to see what Witch Kristen has to offer.

After avoiding the haunted house at the Lions Club, but scoring an apple, we were drawn to our final destination, best saved for last: the Nash house. Scott and Nancy Nash, along with a royal troop of rogues, install an annual performance piece in their yard. Every year, they outdo themselves.

This year they created a brilliant parody of that Maine icon, the lobster shack.

Greeted by Roe, we were invited to have some LIVE BOILED.

Only a crew of illustrators and designers could bring this much dedication to detail. Time to order!

Nancy was the ever cheerful greeter at the Take Out window. Tater Tots, please!

Other patrons had plenty to chew.

You could also take home other delicacies.

Way more appetizing than mere candy!

We could watch the kitchen action, too.

The Eleanor du Jour kept trying to pop out of the pot, though.

Finally, our order was served by the friendly staff.

In fact, all the staff was extremely HOT.

Here a pair of lobsters head back for more.

Halloween Peaks Island style is like no other!

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