Friday, December 14, 2012

chilly illo news

Wow! I love receiving my book in a language I can't read! A Warmer World has now been published in Korea. That totally warms my heart.

My illustration from this book also graces Charlesbridge Publishing's holiday card:

With winter on my brain, I was inspired to draw a snowy owl for my own holiday greeting this year:

I'm still in the process of mailing out my warm and wild wishes so let me know your snail mail address!

I've been busy with the culmination of the semester at Maine College of Art. My class once again participated in the Holiday Sale, a very practical assignment to develop an item for sale, including packaging, display, and staffing the table in pairs for two days.

Here Maria and CeCe play the elves:

Students created original holiday cards, stickers, wrapping paper, prints, and unique items like these "spaghetti yetis"by Declan McCarthy.

Kiah Gardner made felted gnomes all snug as can be.

With the semester complete, now I can seize the holiday spirit. If only it would snow!

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