Wednesday, January 16, 2013

beauty buzz

Meet my gorgeous cousin, Joanne McDonough. We call her Jojo.

She's also the premier make-up artist and skin care therapist at Joya Beauty, where we made a visit recently.

She has the original art of this illustration I did for Maine Magazine, for an article called Get Your Glow On, about skin care.

Jojo shared her make-up wisdom with my daughter and her friend, showing them how to mix their own custom colors.

Part chemistry and part color theory, all calibrated with style.

Each of them got a custom batch of products.

Here's Imogen sitting pretty!

Found some fun illustrations looking at one of Jojo's vintage beauty books.

I just came across a vintage beauty drawing of mine, during recent post-holiday cleaning.

On the way home, the girls compared their stash of products.

We'll be back to get facials. Here's another illustration of mine that comes to mind.

Thanks, Jojo, for the beauty buzz!

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