Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Circles of influence

Time to give credit where credit is due. I haven't bought the Blogging for Dummies book yet. But my loyal and patient husband, Marty Braun, was able to get my uploads all copacetic, with proper linkage.
He's the tech support in this household. Thanks, Martini!

It's back to Maine College of Art this week, where I have been teaching for the last 5 years. Before the spring break, my students worked on a silkscreen project. They warmed up first with a simple gocco exercise. A gocco kit is like the Easy Bake oven of silkscreen. Small, portable, no-mess, and voila...fun multiples. They had so much fun their designs wound up on chairs, walls, and...skin.

We moved on to simple stencil screenprinting, with the help of Kevin Townsend, a master printer. He gave a great demo and gave Liz Heller a hand with her first pull of the squeegee.

I brought in examples of Hugh D'Andrade's silhouette illustrations, such virtuosos of sharp design! He is a new member of the family, having just married my talented kissin' cousin, Mati McDonough. It was a momentous occasion to witness their betrothal last August, where we scored this groovy CD of lovey dovey music, their wedding souvenir. A sweet union of Mati's luscious painting and Hugh's folky silhouette.

Marty and I were once newlyweds in San Francisco, just like Mati and Hugh. Their work, art, and love are inspiring. Reminds me of those heady days.

Tweet tweet. Is it SPRING YET? Egads. it's been a brutal winter. The birds are coming back, though. Here is one of my favorite birds, by my bud, Mary Anne Lloyd.

We never seem to have a short yak and today talked 3 different times on the phone. Yadayadayada.
Illustration is like that; so many overlapping circles of influence. What's not to like?

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