Monday, October 13, 2008

suddenly 5-0

Time flies. Suddenly, you hit that half-century milestone and wonder, how did I get here so fast? This birthday card from Marty says it all. I'm no daredevil, but there are days when it feels like I am jumping a chasm of self-doubt. A good couple of laps around the island on the bike usually gets that stink blown off.

It was a day of simple pleasures after an evening of potluck partying down the street, where Scott Nash presented those of us celebrating codgerhood with a satiric trophy. Finally! Something worthy of the mantel!

This one says: Take big bites. Indeed, an affirmation to live by.

I always love getting handmade things, especially cozy felt.

The birdy pillow, from Heidi, goes well with the wee pine pillows made by Mary Anne. I came across another felty find at the Gem Gallery during my motorcycle loop. Suzanne Parrott's show, Wool et Bare, was a colorful installation of her fiber art.

I spent a bit of birthday money on a pair of these fingerless gloves.

I also sported my new necklace made by my daughter.

After the island ride, and a sizzling dinner grilled by Marty, I was treated to cake made by the family.

I savored the loopy icing, the wishing, and all the blessings of life with every BIG bite.

A card I received summed it up: Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.


jgirl said...

Wow! Who would've guessed 50! Love the phots! Sounds like you had the perfect day, full of sweetness and surprise. A very happy birthday to you, fellow blogger and artist. Keep jumping those chasms!

matirose said...

wow, a 2nd one :) you're 50! happy birthday cousin!!!

Julie said...

50?! No way! How could that have happened?! 50 looks good on you, J. Happy birthday! Love, Julie