Monday, October 6, 2008

red leaf leap

egads.....I kinda fell off the blog horse for awhile. I look forward to the fall, thinking it will be more sane, slow, and organized than summer. With less mosquitos. But it never fails: autumn is downright frenetic.

I am: back at MECA. where I have my largest class ever, 23 students in Illustration 1. Their first project involved doing a personal logo, some icon that symbolizes them, their aesthetic. A good ice-breaker. I learn a lot about them in one small image. So, what does my logo say about me? All you need to know: I love red, strong shapes, autumn, falling leaves, and the sense of sight.

I am greeted by a flight of posters in the halls at MECA, sponsored by the AIGA.

This one is simply haunting. Is it patriotic to vote? What if our vote is cast for the president who loses by a chad? And we watch while soldiers die? They die so we can vote freely.

This goes at the wound. Can we be healed by the act of voting? Every day can be a debate, lately.

In the ICA Gallery, "Ruminant", a collective exhibit of four art professors, poses some visual curiosities as well.The lists by Adrianne Herman make a wall of diligent intentions. She has an uncanny eye for humble details that, magnified, say so much about human nature. I went to Yoonmi Nam's art talk. Her drawings had intrigued me, deliberate sumi ink marks making order from rubble.

This piece, Disco Barrier, by Yumi Janairo Roth, makes me smile. Sawhorses in mirror mosaics. Oddly whimsical...wish I'd had one in the 80's

I went from musing on art to celebrating milestones with two good friends at the Blue Spoon recently, where a waitress in a sheer red polka dot apron (I want one!) brought a little dessert topped by two tall candles.

Life is sweet.

Especially so when my new middle schooler still finds time to play in the magical realm. She and her friend constructed this lovely fairy house with a red leaf entry path. It invites me to imagine, to find big wonder in life's little ways.

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