Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ho ho it's over

Ahhhh. Twelve days of Christmas. Done. In the blink of an eye. Does time seem sped up to anybody? Seriously, this holiday season was a blur of activity. Around here it begins with cards and calendars. My apologies if yours hasn't arrived yet. Here it is meanwhile.

And my daughter crafted this on a snow day from school.

And Marty did his part with a design for the follow-up correspondence.

We had a plentiful haul of gifts, despite our vows to get simple, buy less. I annually dread the obligatory shopping. Not that I mind buying gifts. I prefer birthdays, when I can think about one special person and their special item. Invariably, I wind up seeing more things to buy for moi, so special.

The holiday shopping trip can be less dreadful when done on foot. That is, first I take the boat, then I walk the 5 minutes to the Old Port and I feel better already because there are a ton of great independent shops. Such as Rogues Gallery, where I bought a very cool locally silk-screened shirt for my nephew and a sexy paisley shirt for my Santa baby. It's on Wharf Street, a favorite cobble-stoned alley that feels like another time and place. The shop has low ceilings, like being in the belly of a pirate ship, crooked ole floors (like my house!) and more original designs than you can shake a stick at.

Next door is Waterlily Imports, a colorful, girly shop festooned with birds, beads, and frolicking botanicals.

There I found a scarf and jewelry for my niece and my daughter spent her own cash (a rare event!) on a present for her BFF, besides dropping numerous hints for herself.

Just around the corner, we needed gifts for Posie, the resident mutt. I always smile when I see Mary Anne's comic critters at Fetch. Note the major snowbanks on Commercial Street in the background. It was a very very white Christmas in Casco Bay.

Santa brought this box of beauties for my daughter. I saw something similar at Stones and Stuff, another place full of magical things, fossils, crystals, and powerful vibes that no doubt drew Santa out of the skies.

Back on the island, there is only one place to buy local art: the Gem Gallery.

I love this place filled with my island neighbors, each one a gem. I was delighted to receive a necklace by Carol Cartier
who fabricates unique jewelry and a multitude of desirable objects.

Her poem stamped on the two coins reads,

after I leap if I don't become a bird
I'll be a pile of bones or something unheard of

This is a girl who roams the low tides like me, finding remnants of flotsam and metaphors of jetsam....

After the holidays I ventured to Maine's midcoast with a carload of frisky females to visit friends. A pass through Wiscasset would not be complete without a stop at rock paper scissors.

During the summer, one can window shop while idling in the traffic like molasses, but on a clear day in January we had time to park and pop in. This is the best store to find Charley Harper cards, gorgeous paper for crafty projects, whimsical everythings. I couldn't resist a sleek laptop bag by Danica.

Right next door is Smitten, where maybe we should have gone first. Even more irresistible things over there.

We all found something to love. The displays there are to swoon for. But, had to hit the road. It was back home to the island of sleepy snowmen and gingerbread dreams.

Now it is snowing AGAIN and I need to draw!

Happy New Year! May it be healthy, creative, and prosperous for everyone.

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