Saturday, January 17, 2009

six degrees of revelation

2009 has been mighty chill so far. On a recent morning it was six degrees, which prompted a discussion of Kevin Bacon with my daughter. Now there is a Facebook experiment attempting to prove the theory that everybody is 6 connections away from everyone else. Who needs proof?

Just let every day be an inspiration and connection to nature, family, and the world at your feet, I say! The intricate frost on the window became curvy fronds of grass in a revision for my current project. When in doubt, I cut paper. My collage aesthetic runs deep.

This drawing is a montage of sorts. Not going to be used, either. Didn't make the cut, no pun intended.

This one has to be redrawn. Reference checking doesn't permit the beaver opening.

I said: no problemo! I heard there was a beaver lodge on Trout Pond. I x-c skiied out that way over the weekend. There was no sign of beavers, but I had a blast nonetheless.

Inspiration pops up in unexpected places. I documented this bird nest on display at the Ranger Station in Conway, NH during a recent pit stop.

It came in handy for more revisions, along with some real objects from my collection.

Of course, it's important to get out of the studio. Get the stink blown off, as my dad used to say. I always find good sights on dogwalks, such as this intrepid paddler.

Islanders are a salty bunch. Winters are raw yet uncrowded so we celebrate every chance we get. Like birthday bonfires in honor of the recent, awesome full moonrise. Damn the cold, be a hotsie totsie!

And my wee camera simply can't do it justice. Either you had to be there, or see what Marty made of it...a spectacular and sacred spectacle, the biggest red moonrise of the year.

This was for a birthday card for Carol. Did I mention that I like birthdays? Not just mine. But birthdays provide inspiration for card and collage making. A lovely diversion from revisions, in fact. Here's one for ole Russ: make sure you buy him a pint next time you see him.

Um, don't do that with my nephew. He can finally vote, but not drink.

Sometimes, I like to procrastinate (on revisions) and make collage cards for no reason whatsoever, like this one for hotsie totsie Kirsten. Because she deserves it; wait til you see what she has cooked up for King Middle students and Phil Hoose's book, "Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice."
History and story will come full circle. Right on.

Kirsten, you are so cool, you're hot.

And check out this natural phenomenon: sea smoke. I had never seen such a thing til my first island winter, and it continues to fascinate me. The water is smokin' it's so cold.

See? No matter of degree separates anything in Maine. Hot and cold are one. I just learned that Andrew Wyeth has died. He was the real deal realist for Maine's raw nature, in both landscape and psyche. He leaves a deep legacy for artists, Maine or anywhere, to be inspired by place.


Dani Lee Evans said...

:D I love Conway!
And I love your pictures.

So sad about Andrew Wyeth... my mom knew his son Nicky when she was in her 20's, so she was pretty upset about it. :(

Curious City said...

Your card is on my desk keeping me from being BLUE!