Monday, December 28, 2009

angels sing

I want angels to make the world white. And peaceful. Now that Christmas has come and gone in a flurry of activity, another snow day would suit me fine. I drew the angel above many years ago, while living in San Francisco, where snow was just not gonna happen.

I sent this angel out for another season of warm wishes and gold leaf prayers.

This angel bears a heavenly resemblance to my daughter, what a surprise.

I spent an afternoon last week gallery sitting at the Gem Gallery, where all manner of angels abound, like these paper ones by Diane Wiencke.

This one was crafted by Suzanne Parrott, who can't resist stray fiber scraps.

I'm not one to be idle, either, and between art patrons, I made a few concoctions with scraps from my files and a glue stick. Like this au naturel angel.

And, I sold my first copy of the SECOND edition of Seven Days of Daisy! It may be a wee book, but it has big color and island scenes to make you smile. It looks so sweet next to this child's painted chair by Nancy Chalmers.

Time now to check the snow outside for angel tracks...

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