Monday, January 11, 2010

nature calls

As I head back into the classroom, I confess I didn't do the daily drawing that I urge my students to do. Practice, practice! I say. Yeah, yeah.... I was busy making cards, mailing, wrapping, and crisscrossing the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the Motherland. On my most recent trip, I screeched to a halt along the Kancamagus Highway, one of the most scenic and curvy journeys one could make.

I've passed the signs that say beware of moose countless times, but have very rarely seen one. This sighting made my day completely. What a beast!

Ascending to Kancamagus Pass, at 2855 feet above sea level, is also breathtaking.

I had to draw on photos in my files for this drawing, done after moving to Maine. I had come across a tattered but lovely couch in the middle of the island one day. The image stuck with me, and I created this piece to capture that feeling of a dreamy haven for stories, nature, and children that Peaks Island represents.

Can anybody guess what book is lying open?

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