Tuesday, January 26, 2010

rock paper space

I love my rock. Peaks Island is only a mile long by a mile and a half wide, but I am stuck to it like a barnacle. You know it's going to be a good day when you start off finding just the right stick for the dog.

And then, you notice how lacy the low tide has made the edge of the sea.

Even the ice makes you think of an Angela Adams design.

But, I reluctantly leave my rock for the mainland now and then. I go to share a classroom with bright students, and then take three middle school girls to hang out at the Portland Museum of Art, where there is an amazing collage exhibit. Here they are taking time to just look out the window.

Of all the things to see, a very potent sculpture caught my fancy. It was the one thing I HAD to put down on paper.

The girls get dropped off at a middle school dance, and I meet up with my better half for the opening of Free for All at Space Gallery. Whoa, my piece is in the window.

It's a pretty eclectic mash of stuff.

Our island neighbor and blogger, Trisha, came along for a good time.

She kindly documented Mr. and Mrs. Barnacle enjoying the atmosphere!


Kirby Larson said...

Oh, Jamie, our beaches are so similar. Without the ice.

Come west, young woman. Come west!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great! Miss you. Nic