Saturday, February 13, 2010

lovey dovey

There's nothin' like a valentine to cheer me up. I love makin' em, and I love gettin' 'em. Don't you?

I dusted off the ole gocco machine for this year's edition.

I repurposed a little spot from a book that I illustrated for Storey. Added an embellishment from a chapter heading from Rickshaw Girl and voila. Always fun to try colors combos on different papers.

Why stop there? I brought my handy dandy kit into class, where students were working on a Love Zine project.

Here Devin applies the goopy ink like icing to his master.

Presto: his "Love Life" zine covers!

This project never ceases to amaze me with the sheer variety of responses. From a midnight bus ride, to an alien looking for love on a desolate planet, to mixtape romance memoirs, to stalkers, to sugar addiction, to girls, robots, and pin-ups, the class ran the gamut expressing visual stories of love, with sometimes loveless dimensions.

Now I need to tackle my own love duties.

First, a shout out for Mike and Wanda, my cousins who celebrate their anniversary today.
Love is all you need!

Their daughter, Mati, is the groovy fabricator of this pillow, sewn by Wanda, and delivered with love.



mati rose said...

hi jamie!
we love our valentine :)
thanks for the shout out with the pillow and so sweet that you remember my parents anni.
love to you,

Julie said...

Love Matis pillow!!!