Tuesday, February 9, 2010

objects of affection

I have a little box in my studio that displays my collection of souvenir cameras and various objects of my affection. I have a thing for starfish and urchin shells, very rare to come across on the rocky shores of Maine. I draw them every chance I get.

This illustration is on the title page of Nest, Nook, and Cranny.

I used this drawing, titled "Urchin Experiment" for a postcard mailer awhile back.
Backstory: I did a lot of diving off the diving board growing up at my parents' Red Doors Motel, where the pool was my spot. No urchins there, though...

When I brought my illustration class last week to the Portland Museum of Art, I was delighted to find a little hall with a BIG cabinet of curiosities.

This was the activity place inside the new Objects of Wonder exhibit of still lifes.
A few of us were like bees on honey, immediately sitting at the stools and fondling little things to sketch.

Opposite the wall of drawing tables, is an arrangement of gold frames that one can slide sketches behind and say: My art is on display at the PMA. Serious fun for all ages.

It was a great cue to head back to my studio and make some pastel pieces of my locations of affection on the island.

This is the entrance to the Trout Pond backshore. The parting in the reeds leads to a much larger pond, perfect for skating.

This pastel is titled "Salty Sky" and features a marsh on the southeast edge of the island that always captures my attention.

Both of these are now in the Think Pink show at the Gem Gallery, an annual love/art fest with a portion of proceeds benefiting the South Portland Breast Cancer Foundation.

Here is gallery owner Kristen Chalmers at the opening, full of pink and red.

Look, more objects of affection! My daughter's fun print, Acorn House, sitting pretty atop a yoyo runner by Kathy Newell.

Puts me in a pink mood, to send out valentines. Be on the lookout for yours!

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