Tuesday, August 3, 2010

book peeps

Wooooo! This just arrived via Charlesbridge Publishing. Rickshaw Girl by Mitali Perkins is now published in Korea! It's a thrill to see my illustrations paired with another language, and to know the book is getting a wider audience.

And in other news: Seven Days of Daisy is scheduled to be published by Down East next May! My wee book about the passage of time, island-style, has come a long way since I wrote it back in 2002.

Now Nana needs a walker and lives in assisted living in Portland. But some things don't change,
such as Daisy's fascination with the little things. A respect for nature never goes out of style.
She documented her friend, Chiara, wearing a bracelet of live starfish. How fun is that?

Speaking of nature, Nest, Nook and Cranny continues to get rave reviews. "A teacher's dream" is a fine phrase, indeed. Thank you!

This bear knows a good buzz: if anybody's in the Camden area on August 21, come by the Camden Library's Book Fair by the Sea.

I'll be there with other Maine authors and illustrators celebrating books and meeting readers
from 1 - 4 PM. Let's draw together!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! So cool to see it in a new language! I wish I could make it to Camden to come hang out and draw and check out all the great books. Maybe soon?