Monday, August 23, 2010

book roamings

The whole brood went on a roundabout to Camden on Friday. This barn, spotted along Route 126, seemed like a good omen. We stopped in Rockland to check out our neighbor's paintings hanging at the Dowling Walsh Gallery on Main Street.

Scott Kelley's huge watercolors of birds and warp are intricately compelling while swooping your eye all around.

We skipped  across the street to Archipelago, where my wee book is for sale.

From there we checked in at our lodging and went straight to the pool, which brought back dappled memories of growing up, poolside, at the Red Doors Motel.

Thanks to a timely suggestion from Mary Anne, we dined at a fabulous little bistro, Francine.

I had the most amazing lobster dish. Ever. Had the chance to work it off strolling around Camden afterwards and then climbing around the top of Mt. Battie the next morning, in search of a letter box.

And we found it!

It's always fun to find a little journal hidden in a panoramic spot. From there, it was on to our final destination, the Book Fair by the Sea at the Camden Public Library, which sits in a pretty setting of its own.

The super children's librarian, Amy Hand, organized a diverse crop of authors and illustrators that included Beth Cadena, Matt Tavares, Jane Cowen-Fletcher, Katie Clark, Pat Brisson, Karel Hayes, and Wade Zahares.

The Owl & Turtle Bookshop had us all set up with our books. Ready to sign anytime!

Each of us took a turn in the sunny rotunda area making a short presentation. I'm still getting the hang of these things.

I read my favorite poems from Nest, Nook & Cranny and then showed some objects of affection, such as pencil boxes, big scissors, toy cameras, the things that fill my studio habitat, as well as some found nature objects like a nest, urchin shells, and shards that I come across in my island habitat. Being observant is the number one inspiration for me.

I missed the cue from my daughter to stop blathering and didn't have much time left for drawing with kids. Note to self: talk less, draw more!

It's just plain fun to spend time in a colorful library with kindred spirits, celebrating books and the folks who create them. Many thanks, Camden Public Library!!!

These encounters will lift me through the final days of summer, as the march to school begins.
Back to the drawing board!

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