Friday, December 3, 2010

beyond shopping

The time has finally come! MECA's holiday sale begins tonight. The tenacious elves in IL 421 have been working on sale items for the Illustration department tables for the past month. While ideas were in the making, the busy and talented Betsy Thompson visited the class to share her wisdom and talents.

She brought in lots of sketchbooks, portfolios, marketing tips, resources, you name it. Thanks, Betsy!
She also gave feedback on early ideas for products and packaging. These are cute things by Bri 

Juliana will sell these felt toys that must be fondled: 

Seumas did some awesome t-shirts, modeled here by Cyndi.

Cyndi did her own fine shirts, from a sketch done at the Harvard Natural History Museum. Yay, field trips aren't for nothin'!

Lori created a wonderful set of foodie magnets, called Fridge Friends, with cute packaging:

I'm partial to the donut with frosting, myself...

Here's Lori as drawn by Alysa, who will be whipping out caricatures at the sale.

Bret's got graphic stickers to go:

Joe's stick-figure snowman is back this season, in a variety of comic situations:

And there's more, cards, block prints, and a surprise fish item you will HAVE to have.

We rolled out some class colors to make a banner.

And presto! Amazing what can happen in a matter of minutes with this ninja troop and some glue sticks.

Here is where we wonder how not to get oil paint on anything, hoping that the actual tables are big enough for all the awesome wares.

So, come one, come all, and go Beyond Shopping: buy art made by the illustrators of tomorrow! The tables are on the second floor, take a left towards the MECA cafe, down a few stairs and into Room 264 (where normally art history classes take place) can't miss the blinking red lights.


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