Monday, January 3, 2011

ode to joy

Joy is such a diminutive word, but it's been showing up lately for me. I think if I carry the idea of joy around in my head, everything will be all right. I painted the little plate above at a recent girl party at
a neighbor's pottery studio. Without a whole lot of thought, out came this little tree and "joy." But it didn't come out of nowhere. I've been clipping little twigs with berries for decorating the house, bringing the outside in.

 I notice the twig is a metaphor for the tree, and the tree becomes anything looking to branch out.

Noticing nature and it's patterns brings small epiphanies. With 2010 speeding to a close, it was heavenly to spend it simply outdoors with favorite people. We met at the ice pond nearby and brought lots of candles and lamps. The night was chilly but bright with stars. The kids cleared a small circle for gathering.

From the ice we went backshore for a bonfire with other friends. Firecrackers popping now and then,  the hissing fire, teens laughing, waves lapping the rocks. Time actually seemed to slow down.

Now 2011 is here. What will it bring? The weather turned mild so we rolled out the motorcycles for a few laps around the island, to get the stink blown off.

No matter where I ride, or venture, or gad about, coming home is what grounds me. We decorated the front door with a flurry of cut paper snowflakes made a few years ago during a storm.

It's really the little things that bring joy.

My resolution is to find little joys like these wherever I can. Happy New Year!


Kirby Larson said...

This is lovely, Jamie, and I am inspired by the idea to look for those connections everywhere.

I adore your "joy" plate! And I think joy is the perfect word to carry around.

Happy New Year,

Cathryn Falwell said...

JOY fits you so well! Your art is quite joyful!