Monday, January 24, 2011

polar paradox

I've gotten the layouts back for A Warmer World, the book project I am working on. These two pages have gone through more changes. Back to the drawing board with polar bears.

While the premise of global climate change is undeniable, it's not feeling warmer right now. Sub-zero temps and another blanket of snow make this winter feel like the old-fashioned kind. The kind that drives one to cozy pursuits like... baking.

We decided to try making the January cupcakes from the Hello, Cupcake calendar I got for Christmas. Yup, polar bears!

These were not exactly easy to make, and I'm not crazy about gumdrops in my cupcakes, but it was a chance to share some silliness in a warm place, the kitchen.

This called to mind a drawing Daisy did awhile ago, thinking about polar bears making the best of their changing habitat. This says animals are resourceful, and kids are hopeful.

When it's as cold as it is today, one finds warmth wherever possible, like in this striking sunset over Portland, viewed from down front on the island.

Such a scene can feel even colder with the right pastels. Here's my "Dusky Chill."

Back to the drawing board, with an extra fleece vest!

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SuzB said...

Beau-too-full sunset! And I love your polar bear pair, so there. Thinking of you in your coziest of cozy houses (thank goodness). Cupcakes all around!
Suz (Way Out West)