Monday, February 14, 2011

hearty peeps

Ah, it's the day to strut my favorite colors: red, orange, and pink, in that order. I love getting out handmade items, such as the felt runner above, made by Kathy Newell. The peeps are a little chewy, perhaps thanks to Valentine products being in stores since, um, the day after Christmas.

It's important to start such a lovey dovey day off right:  warm heart-shaped scones for breakfast, one flies out the door with the middle schooler, and another is enjoyed with my heart's desire.

It's been a week filled with work, events, travel, and as always, love. There are signs of it everywhere.
Found this at the beach: it says, "cold hands, warm heart."

And the tide has left some icy lace for me to admire.

I head back to the studio and draw something foxy for my latest book project.
This is just the beginning. I am distracted by the piles of paper scraps, doilies, and glue sticks. I'm keen on using letters, so I made a batch of monogrammed valentines this past week. Could not help myself.

I stopped in at the Gem Gallery's annual Think Pink show, which donates a portion of proceeds to the Community Breast Cancer Center.  Here is Tim Nihoff's magnet of a sign.

Inside, the walls glowed with the work of island artists and artisans.

I'm downright blessed with local art, and a particular collection of hearty art. This is Tim's. You can barely notice it, but there's a fish hook hanging from the rubber heart. Fell for this one like a total guppy.

Love this one by Shannon Rankin, a simple metaphor of cosmic proportions. Bought this at last fall's Picnic event for my sweetie's birthday.

I made this valentine to honor that sturdy muscle of mighty powers.

Over the weekend, I was off to my old turf, looking for more signs.

Nothing like sugar coated mountains to make me feel at home.

The Kancamagus Highway is a majestic sight indeed. It's a trip in more ways than one. Coming back over the pass to the coast, your ears pop, and you smell the salty air again.

Back just in time to decorate the window seat, where tradition has our holidays begin.

It's all about your outlook. Here's to finding love in your window, wherever you are!

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