Monday, October 31, 2011

dem bones

I'm in sort of a lull between deadlines, waiting on the green light for three projects. But no dull moments here. A recent lunch with Curious City at El Rayo got me in the mood. That place is so cheery, it makes my week. I brought home a candy skull to fuel the spirits.

Made me think of an illustration I did back in my collage days for Chris Hadden, designed for a promo for Spectrum. I was asked to interpret the phrase "dead on."

 I once lived in the Mission District of San Francisco, where there's a year round Mexican flavor.  With skulls on the brain, I've had an eye out for what's beneath the skin. Like, where do things begin?

I met Truly, a third grader who came to Down East's Fall into Books event at the Portland Public Library recently. I prompted her as she worked on her story of seven days, in the handy blank booklets I give to kids. They've got stories, I've got ears.

On Tuesday, Truly took a test. She drew a desk with lime green tennis balls on the legs. An eye for detail and truth, she has.

Meeting young artist/authors definitely goes beneath the skin, in a good way. If I can help them begin, swell.

The library is right at the center of Occupy Maine, in Monument Square.

You've gotta love the spirit of this movement, whatever your politics.

I went straight to Portland Stage Company to see The Morini Strad. How lovely: the paper stage set designed by executive and artistic director, Anita Stewart, who I'd just seen at the library. Seeing where the vision for a production begins is fascinating.

We had darn good seats: thank you very much, Portland Stage!

A few days later at Maine College of Art, illustration department chair Alex Rheault brought in a resident from Quimby Colony, the graphic novelist, Cody Pickrodt. He told the class he began in  illustration by doing the comic con circuit. "Know your ammo," he said.

My class had a feast of guests, when fellow professor Calef Brown visited with his latest work.
He showed brush and ink drawings that get his engine going, by moving out of small sketchbooks into big stuff.

Yes, the start of something big.

Directly following Calef, we all trooped off to a lecture by The Little Friends of Printmaking.
God, they are good. In typical fashion, I took notes. Became rather fixated on Melissa's luscious hair.

Seriously, I could draw her for days.

Among their tips for success is "do great work." We're tryin'.

After the talk, students swarmed around their vibrant and layered silkscreen posters. No drooling, please.

I didn't stick around for more. Had to get back to my island. I walked with my daughter, noticing the pool that's shown up again after so much rain.

This pond comes and goes with the weather, but provides regular inspiration in its transitory ripples.
Here is a pastel I did awhile ago, "Hallowed."

That little witch hasn't grown up too too much, thanks to good witches that mentor!

For frivolity at Russell French's studio, my skull thing showed up as pizza pie.

With our pumpkins lit, let All Hallow's Eve begin!

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