Monday, October 24, 2011

on the drawing trail

I drew this still life while waiting for Judy LaBrasca to join me last week at the Portland Museum of Art. Drawing is the best thing I know to create patience and awareness. It occupies and lightens the mood, anytime, anywhere. We sat in the newly renovated cafe and caught up. Judy was my first mentor at Maine College of Art when I began teaching there several years ago. She shared some of the sketchbooks she's made for her Narrative Sketchbook class in Continuing Studies. Lovely!

A couple of days later, I joined with another MECA colleague, Mary Anne Lloyd, who shared a batch of student works from a recent project in her Illustration 2 course. Bravo!

Mary Anne brought out her "nature box" and we drew with our daughters. A mighty fine way to pass a drizzly after school day. Thanks, Mary Anne!

Next up, I brought my class of MECA illustration students to Maine Audubon, where we found inspiration in the taxidermy on display.

Here's a very personable skunk by Ali.

Brittany drew the same fellow with high contrast and heft.

Bill drew this fowl that begs a caption.

Caitlin captured a certain mousy tension in this drawing.

Devin drew this porcupine, bristling with attitude.

Spenser drew a snowshoe hare and a puffin. 

Zoe found likenesses to draw. Here a hummingbird evokes a ballerina in flight.

I sketched a fox.

If only I had known these resources were so close to home last winter when I was working on this illustration for A Warmer World, due out in 2012 from Charlesbridge.

After two hours of staring at stuffed things, it was refreshing to scout out the landscape.

As long as I have a pencil, I'll follow the drawing trail. Thanks to Maine Audubon!

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Polly Bussell said...

wonderful post, a very interesting read. I enjoyed everything from the fox to the glasses quick still life you did! love your blog :)

pollie xo