Tuesday, January 3, 2012

fun with numbers

Happy New Year! I, for one, like the new numbers. There's a lovely symmetry, and I was born on a twelfth day of the month. This year will mark 20 years living on this rock. We had fun on New Year's Day climbing to "Billy Goat Rocks" on the back shore. 

On the look out for ice, since skating had been the plan for New Year's Eve, but it was too warm.
But we found a frozen tide pool or two.

We stopped by the ice pond, where an island company once harvested ice back in the day.

It looks frozen, but not safe at over 40 degrees. Marty did this for his holiday card, same pond but full of skaters. Wishful!

Meanwhile, I am back to my whale fixation. Spotted this whale ship, a la Dr. Who, in the window at Pine Cone and Chickadee, a favorite place to find cool things.

And check out the cool gift drawn by my daughter!

Love that I look about 25. And how she leaves out most of the clutter in my studio. The buoy hanging by the window was made by my grandfather, Roland Hogan Sr., and appears in Ice Harbor Mittens.

And, she captured me drawing a whale. Sweet! 
I have 7 illustrations done, and 14 to go. Here's a peak:

Speaking of books, A Warmer World is due out Feb. 1. Hooray!

I was excited to sponsor my brave neighbor, Jeanne Gulnick, who dashed and dipped for the Natural Resources Council of Maine on Dec. 31. Sadly, I got trapped in traffic and missed the actual dip. Arrived to find folks bundled up looking as red as a cooked lobster. It was a gray and raw day at East End Beach, for sure. Bravo, you polar bears!

Another highlight of the holiday was seeing my Kittery cousins. We're all so proud of Mati, visiting from San Francisco, who's been included in a new book, Creative Pilgrimage.

Even better, she showed us the proofs for another book entirely about her painting process, due out in June. Congratulations, Mati!

I'm excited for this new year. May we all find new ideas, good health, and abundant blessings in our paths. Shine on!

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