Tuesday, January 31, 2012

kin can draw

Yes, the time is nigh: our sketchbooks must be mailed to The Sketchbook Project TODAY. It's been a labor of love and togetherness, since this year my husband, my daughter, and I all got into the act.

Marty chose "uncharted waters" as his theme, since he doesn't keep a sketchbook. It was new for him to sketch on the fly. Actually, mostly on the ferry.

He sketched the E Cosi, a familiar sight at the dock. This hardy vessel was in Ice Harbor Mittens and will also be seen in the upcoming Here Come the Humpbacks.

This is one of my favorites:

I like his contour of the ferry landing, as seen from the laundromat.

Thanks to last week's midterms, our daughter delayed the last several drawings. But she feverishly finished her last page at midnight!

Meeting a deadline on time is difficult for some of my students, so I am VERY proud she got hers DONE.

Her theme is "Time Traveler" and an ode to the Doctor, of course. I am very fond of her Star Whale.

But this one I L-O-V-E...our Posie off to see the galaxy! Truly, the daily dog walks always take the mind to unforeseen places.

She has captured well a pair of favorite characters, too. Tree people!

It was on a walk with the dog that I noticed our neighbors, the Conleys, had begun building a tree house. And that triggered a story idea, and hence my theme, "tree house."

This is my imagined scene of Nirmala's tree house, with an owl friend.

Here is the Holdridge's lofty perch, where dreams sway in the breeze.

If you've come within five feet of me recently, I've pushed my sketchbook on you, or talked about tree houses. My swell neighbor Nancy loaned me a vintage photo of her mother, aloft in her magnificent tree house, that took me back to a place I haven't been, but can imagine.

With a bit of sadness, we pack them up and send them on their way. The snow falls steadily, but there's the prospect of seeing them this summer at SPACE Gallery. A happy thing!


aavery said...

I think those tree people are from the Doctor Who episode "the End of The World" :D

Cathryn Falwell said...

Wonderful sketchbooks! Thanks for letting us have a peek! Hope to see them at Space.

Debbie said...

Hi Jamie, I sure do love your drawings and writing. Thank you for being so generous with sharing your wondrous creations.

Debbie from Washington DC (friend of Judy LaBrasca)