Tuesday, February 7, 2012

teen zine factory

The last session of the Teen Zine Factory at the Telling Room was a flurry of folding! I got into the spirit, making my own zine the night before. I did quick portraits of each zinester in my sketchbook.

Inspired by Lily's use of the vintage typewriter on hand, I found our own relic. Fun to bang away on that, and I photographed the keys for collaging on the cover sketch.

For the sake of time, we all used the simple format of a single-sided zine, which is folded into 8 image areas.

I made some stickers and strips to package them as a group, nine all together.
When we arrived for the final session, there were stacks of copies, ready to be folded. Here is Elias working on his.

Look, what a batch of zines!

Our lovely volunteer, Whitney, was a major help in the production line. And Berry was a fantastic helper and mentor, adding her zine to the mix. Thank you!

We ventured down the street to Bam Bam Bakery, where the zinesters distributed a few sets to the unsuspecting public.

Watch out, a zine batch may be hiding right near you.

All this called for some sweet celebration. Yum....

Thank you, Telling Room, for making the place for writing and drawing. What a blast!


Jessyca said...

I love that you've done this, and "blogged" about it along the way. Thanks!

Patricia Erikson said...

I LOVE vintage typewriters and I LOVE you!!!