Friday, September 21, 2012


Final details are working into place for the opening of The Sisters Rosensweig at Portland Stage Company. I dropped off the original art as well as process sketches yesterday.

Indispensable Intern and Marketing Journeyman Todd Backus helped me hang the works in the lobby. Portland Stage likes to showcase all aspects of what makes a production, including the marketing visuals. Lucky me!

I enjoy seeing my illustration in it's various incarnations. This large horizontal hangs in the lobby.

There's a sign on the sidewalk on Forest Avenue.

And a narrow poster on each side of the theater entrance.

Todd snuck me into a rehearsal to see the stage set. Brilliant, as always.

Now I should call MY sister. We don't see each other enough! You can see the resemblance though, in this old photo I just found of Bonnie and me.

We're as different as the Rosensweigs, but that sistah blood runs mighty deep.

Thanks to Portland Stage for the opportunity to illustrate this one, pulling elements together to suggest the love that binds three very different sisters, for whom aging brings a complex weave of wisdom and reckoning.

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