Monday, October 1, 2012

firefly ball

Now that we've turned the corner on summer, I'll share my recent project.

I illustrated a poem by Dana Roffler, a whimsical verse about a midsummer's night frolick under a full moon.

It was a challenge, but fun, to bring together a parade of animals. 

Saturday night's September full moon hid behind soggy clouds, but that didn't stop the annual Sacred and Profane at Battery Steele. It's also a frolick of sorts that brings together art installations in the bowels of a World War 2 era bunker on Peaks Island, along with performances and eerie music echoing down damp halls.

This stone bird by island sculptor Robert Vandersteenhoven was a stoic sentry.

There's always new paintings on every surface, and in the darkness you never know what you'll find.

It's a perfect opener to autumn and the darkness that lies ahead, making the long light of summer seem like a distant memory. If only I'd captured some fireflies in a jar!

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Christina Rodriguez said...

But I don't WANT summer to be over! It was entirely too much fun.

I love how your style of art brings colorful realism to whimsical themes. It's very inspiring!