Wednesday, October 10, 2012

october fest

October is my birth month, so the opal in my soul shines a little brighter these days. I received a fantastic surprise via Caroline Arnold, author of A Warmer World: my first book trailer!

One luxury is being between deadlines, and having time to enjoy the busy scene in Portland.
Marty and I attended the preview opening for Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey at the Portland Public Library.

Kudos to Scott Nash, who found the sponsors to bring this incredible show to town. Here he recites a few of his favorite Gorey rhymes.

It was a delighted crowd, and one filled with familiar faces, including former students and MECA folks.

I brought my current MECA class a few days later, who marveled at Gorey's fine line work, his meticulous craft of hatching limitless shades of tonality, and absurd characters in morbid settings.
The exhibit includes sketchbooks, unfinished and unpublished drawings, decorated letters, miniature books, handmade character toys, and a bounty of illustrations from Gorey's eccentric oeuvre. SEE IT.

The cool thing is the Gorey Shop, where I bought myself his paper theater of Dracula!

It made me wonder if Anita Stewart, artistic director at Portland Stage, has this much fun creating sets.

We saw The Sisters Rosensweig at last! As always, the set is divine. Makes you want to move on stage with all of them.

I laughed at the life imitates art poster in the lobby:

I read the script months ago, well before casting. Each actor completely inhabits their character, especially Carole Healey, who plays Gorgeous with total guts. Loved her! The production is fantastic. A complex story with dips of drama and hilarious comedy, it's flawlessly paced by the large cast.

All these invented worlds give me goosebumps. And inspiration. Now to tackle my personal projects, waiting so patiently for that "between deadline" time...

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