Thursday, June 19, 2008

Full strawberry moon

Some things are sacred around here: when there's a full moon, there's a bonfire.
Last night's Strawberry Moon was a sight to behold, as red and awesome as they come. The moment it breaks the horizon is a bit surreal.

Is that the moon?!!!

We gathered not just in awe, but in celebration of the milestone moment of the island fifth graders' graduation,
all seven of 'em. Now they'll move on to Big Ole Middle School in Portland!

Plenty to contemplate....all while the moon got higher and brighter.

Is it any wonder the moon is so often a muse?

This one is titled Sumac Moon and is done from memory, of walking in the moonshine.

A couple of winters ago, some nature sculptor wedged a dead tree out on the rocks. Given the fury of winter tides, it was a miracle every morning the tree remained. It turned into an omen for me, to march out in the bracing wind, day or night, to see if the Spirit Tree was still there.

That kind of rootedness fills me with strength.

This drawing/collage was in the Lunar Calendar awhile back.
As Nancy says, keep looking up!

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