Monday, June 16, 2008

Who needs Hallmark?

It goes without saying that we usually make our own cards in this house. Not that I don't shop for lovely cards (usually at
Ferdinand or Edith and Edna's, but some occasions require the personal touch. Like with scissors and a gluestick.

First, I made this for my friend, Ged, who was throwing himself a shindig in his brother's backyard. Ged and I were cohorts at RISD and both moved to Boston following graduation, eons ago. We were both in CA for awhile, but now I must catch him on the fly when he's in from LA. He is the Communications Director for the Aids Healthcare Foundation, lover of pop culture, TV trivia, and best treat-bag sender of anyone I know. He never fails to send along a box of something at Halloween and Easter. He respects my peeps!

Here is Ged, sleek and swanky, ready to party. Happy 50th!

On my way to Boston, I stopped to see my Kittery Kousins. Wanda and Mike are a big reason why I moved to Maine. I loved visiting their old farmhouse just across the border from Massachusetts, where life seemed so sped up, back in those single days. After a while, you get fed up with being sped up all the time. I always felt better when I passed that sign: Maine The Way Life Should Be.

I made this card for Wanda and Mike's son, Andrew, graduating from Traip Academy. Congratulations, Andrew!

He's on his way to Spain first, then Colby College this fall.

The big bonus during my lunchstop was seeing their daughter, Mati, visiting from SF. She is The Next Big Thing, according to some folks, including me! We got to all yak about graduations, school consolidations, in-laws, parenting styles, art, writing, Maine demographics, bickering, and family. The usual.

Here is Wanda, Mike, and Mati, who make my life sunny.

After the blast to Boston, I made this for none other than the Best Dad Ever.

Marty was not even bothered by the picnic venture being rained out. We puttered as a family, all day. And shared my pretty good pie. I can cut dough as well as paper. Sweet...


Andy J Smith illustration said...

Apple pie is really quite fine on its own, but you just brought it to a whole new level!

matirose said...

YOU make my life sunny! So great to see you and read your blog :)