Monday, June 9, 2008

Whatever floats your boat

It probably comes as no surprise that boats keep showing up in my work.

This piece is currently at the Gem Gallery in the front room exhibit of the members' collective. I have drawn this boat several times. Just love the color and shape.

Even illustrations seem to feature boats pretty often. This was an unused cover for last year's Cast Off bookjacket.

Peg knit the boat piece for me, since I don't knit. Had fun drawing lots of yarnish things, though.

And I drew several boats for Greater Portland Landmark's Activity Guide...

This one is refers to Captain Lemuel Moody, builder of the Portland Observatory.

This was part of an activity for flag signals.

We travel on the ferry all the time, but it's a rare treat to be in a small boat. This is based on a real boat ride in Peter and Maeve's boat.

This came after a ride through a MS Regatta on Casco Bay, in Kim and John's boat.
See, it's better to have friends with boats!

For the family that kayaks together: Stan, Linda, and Mitchell leading the way.

And back when the Scotia Prince still signaled the twilight cruise every evening all summer.......

Sometimes I just like to make an impromptu collage, with an old ferry stub as souvenir.

My favorite sight is when the ferry departs for Portland and I get to stay right here on the island.

Come again, soon!

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