Sunday, August 5, 2012

rock party

Islands have a certain magnetism. Is it any wonder that some folks live on more than one island?
Our Peaks Island neighbor Elena recently celebrated her birthday on Monhegan Island, where she also has a home.

I made her this paper collage card.

Daisy made this one:

We left our island in dense fog, drove up to New Harbor, and took the Hardy Boat in yet more fog.
Upon arrival we stretched our legs by heading up to the lighthouse, where the view is spectacular no matter the weather.

The fog lifted just at dusk, revealing a glowing full moon.

We walked back down to the dock, where the Island Inn glittered like a jewelry box.

We had sweet dreams in our Pierce Cottage room, part of an old house that sits below the Inn facing the meadow.

On our second night, the view also included the lighthouse.

Marty made this card for Elena, inspired by the view.

Before the birthday party began, we had time to take in some sights. Like the exhibit at the Monhegan Museum, A Sense of Place: Representational Painting on Monhegan 1950 - 2000, where we found old favorites by Rockwell Kent, Andrew Wyeth, Charles Martin, and James Fitzgerald, as well as discovering names like Teco Slagboom.

Oh, and a stop at the charming library that has a remarkably deep collection of art books. I could live there, no problemo.

The party was hoppin' when we arrived.

And the view of Manana was clear and fresh.

Some clouds came in, a magnificent backdrop for the celebration.

Yes, Elena, you ROCK.

From sweet to sparkle.

Happy birthday, island girl!

We roamed around a bit the next day. I made a quick pastel study of the view from the lawn of the Island Inn.

Our Dr. Who fan spotted this among the chickens.

We snuck in a cruise on the Balmy Days, circling Monhegan in half an hour under full sun.

It was not easy saying good bye to this rock 12 miles out to sea. We left on our second boat trip of the day to New Harbor, then drove back down to Portland. Took a third ride: the ferry to our own rock, a mere 3 miles out to sea, past tankers and lighthouses of a different scale.

The rock hopping is done, now it's back to the drawing board.

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Karen Lybrand said...

Hey, Jamie. I love the quick pastel you did on Monhegan. As for Kent and Wyeth: have you seen the exhibit at the Farnsworth? Both artists are personal favorites, so the joint exhibit is irresistible. It showcases the Kents owned by Jamie Wyeth.

Kent, of course, worked in Greenland and also Resurrection Bay in Alaska. I was at Resurrection Bay this summer and thought of him living in a simple cabin there.