Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday is for wee ones

A sharp-eyed troop of little artists from the Peaks Island Children's Workshop visited my studio on Wednesday, for a reading of Seven Days of Daisy.

I gave them magnifying glasses, for seeing every little thing and more. They saw my messy, messy studio, my camera collection, and a sneak peak at my next book.

They also worked on their own stories with energy galore.

They know the days of the week, but maybe not the order just yet. But they know how to make every day count!

Too soon it was time for them to head off to their next adventure, holding hands and noticing new sights all the way to the beach.


For Peaks Island kids, life is good. Thanks, PICW! 

This age group brings back sweet memories of Daisy's days sorting out her week. This little girl

became this illustration

and the story of what makes an island summer so rich, even with waiting for Nana. What's the story of your summer?


Jennifer McLeod said...

It was AWESOME!!! You are such a lovely person to invite us into your home. On Wednesdays we have some of our youngest students, and you were SO great with them!

You have no idea how special you made our kids feel. A few in particular really benefited from your encouragement.


visitcuriouscity said...

Adore this!!