Sunday, June 12, 2011

counting the days

In Seven Days of Daisy, Sunday is for sailing, snacking on apples, and seeing silly shapes in the clouds. Today though, it's a cloudy day on the island, and it's actually better for sleeping late.

But sooner or later, the dog must go out. We head to the beach. Lo and behold, somebody IS out sailing. Like a true Mainer.

  I notice a few shells good for scavenging by seagulls.

Then it's time to sort through photos from last night's Shakespeare play.

 Our neighbor's daughter, Olwyn, designed the program and also played Hamlet with marvelous energy and pathos.

Portland High's Shakespeare Club is largely female, and several actors played multiple roles. Here
Leartes is played handily by Acy Jackson opposite Ophelia, played brilliantly by Devon Miller.

Bravo to Peter Brown, intrepid director, for bringing out the best in these amazing actors.

Before I go saunter out on another dog walk, I'm working on a sticker design.

Gotta put something on my bookish loot. I'll be giving away little magnifying glasses at my book launch this Saturday. Only 6 days to go!

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