Monday, June 20, 2011

swingin saturday book launch

Saturday finally came. There was no Nana in sight, but her spirit was very present for the beach party book launch of Seven Days of Daisy.

My event planning heroine very thoughtfully brought proper signage, and this one 
hit a chord. 

My mum, aka Nana, passed away in April. She was my biggest fan and supporter, and loved visiting the island. This sign got firmly planted next to my seat.

The lovely captain of Curious City, Kirsten Cappy, brought along dotty decorations.

We rigged up tents, some tables, and Eddie Walsh carried down a little boat for pretending, just like in the story. Even big kids couldn't resist sharing some tidepool tea.

 It was an honor when other authors arrived. They appreciate what a big deal it is to have a story published. Sarah and daughter share some playtime by the shore.

The clouds came and went, ferries docked and departed, and the sun sallied with the rising tide.
Watermelon was a big draw.

Island neighbor and colleague, Anne Sibley O'Brien, arrived in a matching shirt.

Even Daisy, the narrator of the story, made a cameo appearance.

She and her friend, Imogen, also recreated the tea party scene from the book.

It wasn't until kids were clamoring to be in the boat that I realized what a metaphor we had on our hands. A wee boat can carry a launch loaded with cosmic freight.

I made a bunch of blank books for kids to create their own story about 7 days or 7 favorite summer things.

We've all got a good story in us. Susan, who appears in the book spitting watermelon seeds, brought her creation.

Her book is an ode to the fleeting cycles of life. Six Drops of Poppy is literally a collaged memoir of
fallen poppy leaves, pressed into a sequence of sublime serenity. No words. Just a witnessing of the passing of bright blooms.

Looking and noticing is what makes life a performance. We gave away little magnifying glasses, the better to see magical details with. This illustration opens the book. It says, LOOK!

Here's a curious boy.

Simone and Willow use their magnifying glasses to compare bug bites.

A mom is ready to cast off with her little deckhand.

First, better look for monsters on the horizon.

There were even some book sales, and signings.

It all was as fleeting as a summer day.

Below is Deb, the sales volunteer from Take a Peak, as she ponders the ripple effect. Thanks to Take a Peak for donating 50% of sales during the launch event to the Friends of the Peaks Island Library.

Take a Peak will be donating 20% of sales of Seven Days of Daisy all summer! My island community makes me proud.

I am grateful to so many for bringing this little story to a bigger audience: Kirsten Cappy, Eleanor Morse, DownEast, and my family that inspires me daily!

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