Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tuesday is for tidepools

In Seven Days of Daisy, Tuesday involves a tea party with seaweed soup and jellyfish sandwiches.
Yum! Today, however, was not really a beach day. Still cloudy and damp. But, I learned the Peaks Island Elementary School spent the day at the beach. Island kids are impervious to the frigid waters.
Jump in, they do. Move over, urchins.

A few years ago, I helped coordinate art by island school students on a book bag, a fundraiser for the PTO. I love the sun with sunglasses by James Mitchell, and the ferry fairy by Imogen Moxhay.

Kids here learn respect for tide pools and the creatures within.

The illustration which appears in the book features a yellow boat. In fact, there is a yellow boat that
is often seen on the beach. I have drawn it many, many times. I did this pastel awhile back of that boat.

This afternoon when I walked the beach, I thought about Daisy's rope collection. We are thingfinders at the beach, like Pippi Longstocking. Rarely do I leave the low tide without a bit of flotsam or jetsam. Found this cheerful bobber and rope entwined with seaweed that begged to be brought home for closer inspection and admiration.

I sure hope the sun comes back. Four days left til the book launch!

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