Monday, June 13, 2011

I don't care if Monday's blue

I spontaneously made these "day cards" to spell out the days of the week. For the book launch on Saturday, I want to randomly deal out the days to kids and see if they can line up in order. A little body action is always good. Gave myself the challenge to try to post every day this week. I confess, I'm not that much of a blogger. The whole enterprise is something I need to mull over, and I'd stutter if I had to tweet. 
And here it is, Monday already. In Seven Days of Daisy, there are monsters in kayaks spied near Catnip Island, and wishing on the moon.

Today, too much cloud cover for sightings of monsters or moons. In fact, it felt rather blue, and my 
goal to visit bookstores (to spy on my book whereabouts...) felt a little lame. Still, I took the ferry and stopped at Longfellow Books, a dandy place for finding a good Father's Day gift. Can't say what I bought. But it's gonna be a gooood read. I gladly signed their stock of Seven Days.

Next stop: Nonesuch Books, where the magazine selection knows no bounds, and the store is piled with all categories. Dutifully left my book launch postcards.

After a few other stops, I made a blast to Portsmouth to the Manporium, newly opened by my gal pal, Jody, and her macho man, Earle. Man up! Found some seriously manly items for the Dad in the house. 

On the blast back, two auspicious things: a car passed me, with license plate: 7Seven7. A good sign?
And then a favorite Cure song came on the radio and it totally made my day.

It got better when I got home to the island. Good feedback on my sketches for Portland Stage Company. I'm working on "Marie Antoinette: Color of Flesh." I sent a record number of rough sketches. Fourteen. Sorry, sevens and multiples of sevens are stuck on my brain.

Here's one of I hope they pick:
Hey, Monday is not so blue after all.

Only 5 days to the book launch.

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